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The Scent of a Champion....World Champion Pepi


World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner


Give your horse that World Championship style show-ring look with World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner.  Spray Pepi on the mane, tail, and body just prior to showing.  Pepi brings out the natural highlights and gives the haircoat a glossy, healthy, natural looking shine.  Pepi is also an excellent daily haircoat conditioner.  After grooming, mist with Pepi and soft brush or wipe with a soft towel.  Repeat after each grooming.  The all-natural ingredients will not dry or damage hair, or irritate horse's skin.




"I cannot live without Pepi! It is a horseshow must.  My horse never shines as beautifully as he does when I spray him with Pepi!  I've been using it for years and the smell always brings back memories!"
 -Michigan customer
"Love the shine and smells great too. I have been using this for years, and recommend it for a great shine"
- Ohio customer
"This product is GREAT!!! It works best when you spray it after your horse has been brushed, and then you let it sit for like 3 minutes. Than, wipe your horse down with a damp cloth! THIS WORKS SO GREAT! AND IT SMELLS LIKE HEAVEN!"
- Anonymous customer






World Champion Pepi-Lite Coat Conditioner


Pepi-Lite is an environmentally safe, highly concentrated formulation of World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner.  Pepi-Lite is designed to give your horses haircoat the ultimate glossy show-ring look. 
All natural ingredients are gentle to animal's skin. 


  • Easy to follow instructions.      
  • Economical new pump system makes efficient use of each application.
  • Brings an instant high gloss to horse's haircoat.
  • Highlights mane and tail to maximum show-ring gloss.
  • Excellent daily coat conditioner. 
  • All natural ingredients.








Shine On Natural and Dark




Shine on Natural enhances the natural color of your horses skin pigments on the muzzle, eyes and ears.  The long lasting shine will not fade or disappear prior to or during competition.  Washable - Will not stain clothing.


Shine On Dark enhances dark skin pigments on the eyes, muzzle and ears of dark skinned horses.  Will not fade or disappear during competition. It helps darken the skin of lighter pigmented horses. 


Rave Reviews:

"Showmanship is all about how well groomed your horse is and it makes his eyes and nose look shiny and well polished."
-Minnesota customer
"Product works as advertised. nice size containers, easy to apply, would purchase again."
-Massachusettes customer
"Have used both the dark and this light one. The Light one gives your "Pal" less chances of marking your show clothes just as you enter the ring!"

-Texas customer








Gel Shampoo with Conditioner



Intense cleaning and conditioning shampoo that removes dirt and sweat from your horses hair and skin while conditioning and repairing skin. Leaves hair instantly clean, soft and glossy shiny! Works great on faces and legs too!












Mane & Tail Conditioner Non Rinse Formula



Mane & Tail Conditioner Non Rinse Formula is the ultimate conditioner, adding incredible body, fullness and volume. Moisture rich formula softens and makes manes and tails manageable and tangle-free.  Can be left in tails or rinsed after washing for outstanding results either way.  Easy to follow directions
  •  Adds instant body     
  • Promotes mane and tail growth       
  • Strengthens     
  • Detangles        
  • Moisturizes       
  •  Adds shine        
  • Prevents dry skin, itching, flaking




Dream Sheen Hair Polish



Dream Sheen is a high-tech grooming product formulated to bring a lustrous sheen to your horses hair while leaving manes and tails soft, manageable and tangle-free.  Does not leave a waxy buildup.  Easy to follow instructions.


  •  Repels dirt and dust
  • Helps detangle manes and tails
  • Protects manes and tails from breakage 
  • Apply wet or dry
  • Maintains sheen for days
  •  Available in gallons or quarts

Rave Reviews:


"I decided to try this because I used to use Pepi and loved it. This product does not disappoint! It's easy to spray on, it smells good, and really works well. No greasy look, and it detangles tails wonderfully."

- Massachusettes customer








Premium Shampoo



The emollient based formula provides an abundance of suds that are gentle and thorough.  It removes dirt and sweat easily without drying the skin, leaving a lustrous sheen.









Neat Neck


This is the safe and easy way to help reduce the size of your horses neck.  Our easy to follow instructions eliminate the risk of blisters.  World Champion Neat Neck produces immediate results.




Rave Reviews:


"When one of my friends gave me two bottles of World Champion Neck Sweat to try, I was skeptical. In the past few years, I have used three other products. World Champion is the best thus far. I am amazed at how much more the horses sweat with it and how quickly the necks are coming down. I would and have recommended this product to other horse farms."
- Customer from New Mexico








Medicated Shampoo Non-Stain Formula



World Champion Medicated Shampoo contains a special formula that helps rid your horse of bacterial and fungus infections and dry skin disorders without staining your horses hair.









Crud Away



Helps kill fungus, girth itch and rashes.  Crud Away will promote regrowth of hair from affected areas.  It is made from all-natural ingredients without chemicals. (For severe fungus problems, use Crud Away with World Champion Medicated Shampoo).